862 - Nama tokoh dalam mithos Yunani


Achilles son of Peleus and the goddess Thetis, most ferocious of the Achaean heroes, fated at birth to die young by Hectors's hand at Troy and receive glory forever, or to live a long life time in obscurity.

Odysseus son of Laertes, lord of Ithaca, husband of Penelope, crafity strategist, a favorite of goddess Athena

Agamemnon son of Atreus, supreme commander of the Achaeans, husband of Clytaemnestra. It is Agamemnon's insistence on seizing Achilles's slave girl, Briseis, that precipitates the central crisis of the Lliad.

Menelaus younger son of Atreus, brother of Agamemnon, husband to Helen

Diomedes son of Tydeus, captain of the Achaeans, and such a ferocious warrior that receives aristeia (a tale within the tale showing individual valor in battle) in the Lliad, a second only to Achilles's final wrath.

Patroclus son of Menoetus, best friend of Achilles, destined to die by Hector's hand in the Iliad

Nestor son of Neleus and the oldest of the Achaean captains, the clear speaker of Pylos given to long winded rants in council

Phoenix son of Amyntor, older tutor and longtime comrade of Achilles, who inexplicably has central role in the important "embassy to Achilles"

TROJANS (defender of Ilium)

Hector son of Priam, leader and greatesthero of Trojans, husband to Andromache and father to toddler Astyanax (the child also known as "Scamandrius" and "Lord of the City" to the citizens of Illium)

Andromache wife of Hector, mother of Astyanax; Andromache's royal father and brother were slain by Achilles.

Priam son of Laomedon, elder king of Ilium (Troy), father of Hecor and Paris and many other sons

Paris son of Priam, brother of Hector, gifted and both fighter and lover; it is Paris who brought about Trojan War by abducting Helen. Menelaus's wife, from SParta and bringeng her to Illium

Helen, wife of Menelaus, daughter of Zeus, victim of multiple abductions because her fables beauty
Hecuba Priam;s wife, queen of Troy

Aeneas son of Anchises and Aphrodite, leader of the Dardanians, destined in the Iliad to be the fiture king of the scattered Trojans

Casandra daughter of Priam, rape victim, tortured clairvoyant.


Zeus king of the gods, husband and brother to Hera, father to countless Olympians and mortals, son of Kronos and Rhea - the Titans whom he overthrew and cast down into Tartarus, the lowest circles of the world of dead
Hera wife and sister of Zeus, champion of Achaeans
Athena daughter of Zeus, strong defender of Achaeans
Ares god of war, a hothead, ally Trojans
Apollo god of the arts, healing and disease "lord of the silver bow" and prime ally of the Trojans
Aphrodite goddess of love, ally of Trojans a schemer
Hephaestus god of fire, artificer and engineer to the god, son of Hera; lust after Athena.


Ada a few years past her First Twenty, mistress of Ardis Hall
Harman ninety-nine yeras old and thus one year away from fis Final Twenty, the only human who know how to read
Daeman approaching his second Twenty, apudgery seducer of woman and collector butterflies
Savi the Wandering Jew, the only old style human not gathered up in the final fax 1400 years earlier.

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